Career & Opportunities


  • Professional Vacancies Recruiting Events

    Participation in government agencies for corporate Recruitment activity, provide jobs, and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

  • Freshman Recruiting Events
    1. RD of alternative military service:Ministry of the Interior to participate in the implementation of RD of alternative military service system, the reserve of energy research and development and actively encourage innovation, enhance the competitiveness of the industry.
    2. Careers campus activities:Participate regularly in the annual activities on campus recruiters university graduates to join Dynarechi family.
  • Industry Cooperation
    1. Academia special classes:Technical and vocational schools in cooperation with universities, the establishment of relevant learning process, providing teachers and students good research environment and cultivate the talent needed for future industry.
    2. Summer work-study internship programs:Provide opportunities for domestic university student in summer work-study institutions, so that students can learn knot, bonded to each other with the development trend of the industry, and for students to prepare for future investment in the workplace.